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  • General safety and compliance training, including Reasonable Suspicion Training for your associates, drivers, dispatchers, supervisors and managers.

  • Tail-Gate Training formats are available now in over 50 different subjects (and the list grows weekly). Our Tail-Gates are designed for one on one or one on ten+. They cover one safety subject only and take about 5-8 minutes. Our thinking is to cover one safety subject with each driving associate each week to keep safety up front in everyone’s mind.

  • We also have over 80 completed safety or compliance programs for classroom style training that can range from 15 minutes to over 4 hours, depending on the time available. Different programs can be put together to meet your needs or requirements.

  • Classroom training can take place at your location or at one of our new training facilities in City of Industry or Long Beach. A Fontana location coming soon.

  • We personalize training to fit your business needs and can accommodate to your schedule and/or your associate’s schedules, meaning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

safety training



  • CA# - Issued by the California Highway Patrol. If you do not have a CA #, we can walk you thru the process to complete and file the correct form (CHP Form 362, Revised 06.2010) so that your number will be issued. The CHP does not charge a fee for a CA #. For more information on CA Numbers and California Motor Carrier Permits, go to website >

  • California Motor Carrier Permits (MCP) – This required permit is issued by the CA DMV. If you do not have an MCP, we can again walk you thru the process to complete and file the correct form (CA DMV Form 706-1) so that your permit will be issued. The fee for a Motor Carrier Permit is determined by how many applicable vehicles you operate. It is necessary to secure a CA Number first since the DMV will use your CA Number for your Motor Carrier Permit – and add a 0 to the front of it.

  • Biennial Inspections of Terminals (BIT INSPECTIONS) – The California Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1988, commonly referred to as the Bit Program, was enacted by the California Legislature in an effort to alleviate the growing number of truck related collisions on California’s highways. Section 34501.12 of the California Vehicle Code (CVC) requires any person or organization directing the operation of certain trucks and/or trailers to participate in the BIT Program. The law requires the CHP to inspect California truck terminals every 25 months. The main areas that the CHP will inspect during a BIT Inspection are the physical condition of applicable vehicles, maintenance records of applicable vehicles (including DVIR’s), driver records and Hours of Service documents (DQ Files), CA DMV Pull Program records and a proper Drug and Alcohol program. We can help you with all of this! We will get you started correctly with the right preparation and right documentation. We will also perform pre-inspections. Call us - we can help! For more information on the BIT program, go to website >
  • California Hours of Service Training – The Hours of Service rules and regulations for California Intrastate drivers are not the same as the Federal Hours of Service Rules. Call us for more information.

  • Drug and Alcohol Program Training - start to finish. Nothing will get a company in trouble faster with the DOT or the Highway patrols of any state then a non-compliant drug and alcohol program. We will go over your program and make sure everything is compliant. Have your supervisors and dispatchers been trained in Reasonable Suspicion? DOT requires that each employer shall ensure that all persons designated to supervise drivers receive at least 60 minutes of training on alcohol misuse and receive at least an additional 60 minutes of training on controlled substances use. Our Reasonable Suspicion Training satisfies DOT requirements for Reasonable Suspicion training for supervisors (17469,1,’49CFR 382.307).

  • CA DMV Pull Program – We can help you get stated in the PULL Program and make sure that your records are up to date and accurate. For more information go to ca.dmv.pull program

  • California Air Resources Board Compliance – Are your trucks compliant with the California Air Resources Board (CARB)? We have experts in our company that can advise you on new CARB regulations and the availability of grants.

  • Pre and Post Trip Inspections & Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports – The Federal Rules and Regulations on Pre-trip inspections changed recently – but the California rules did not change! Call for more info.


safety training

  • D.O.T. Audits – Documentation, Preparations and Pre-Audits

  • Apportioned Plates – We will hook you up with the experts to secure Apportioned Plates, IFTA Permits, Federal Highway Use Tax filing and securing Federal ID Numbers.

  • Diesel Engine Regeneration - Power Point Program and Instructional videos available.

  • CNG Fueling, Training for Commercial Vehicle Use – Power Point Program and Instructional videos available.

  • CSA Guidance, instructions and explanations.

  • Pre and Post Trip Inspections and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports with new information on requirements for documenting pre-trip reports.

  • Federal Hours of Service Training – Complete Training Program available – current thru changes dated 12.18.2014.

  • IFTA Permits


  • Federal ID numbers

  • Individual State Permits - Oregon, New Mexico, etc.